Our latest state-of-the-art manufacturing intelligence system ensures consistent quality production by having complete auto control of the process from raw material to finish product. Our unique Manufacturing system corrects the situation at every stage of WIP by transparently collecting the manufacturing process data from multiple sources, putting it into the proper context and then storing it for building historical and timeline trends. It also analyzes the data and report it in real-time to the plant's management, supervisors and workers to ensure quality production.


Manufacturing Intelligence System ultimately increase the plant's productivity and profits, hence, allowing us to supply the best quality product at the best rate every time. Our clients can trust us to supply consistent quality, quantity & strict delivery commitment.

Our Manufacturing System focuses on :

  • Management of process floor and overhead information analysis by well qualified team.
  • Monitoring and reporting of various process from Raw Material to Finished product
  • Regular data collection from process & inspection system.
  • Regular data collection from process & inspection system.