Kaolin Clay

It is white soft plastic clay derived from the decomposition of granite or similar rock. Most kaolin is wet refined to produce a range of products to improve both physical and chemical properties to meet specific customer applications.


Calcined Kaolin

Kaolin modified through very high (700-1,200ºC) temperatures. Calcinations improve whiteness and change the chemistry, making the kaolin less hydrophilic and reducing electrical conductivity. It is a Number One replacement of TiO2 extender. During the calcination morphological, mineralogical and chemical changes occur which result in products with excellent optical properties.

Calcined Kaolin is a New Technology developed during the last three decades to convert Raw China Clay to high performance White Mineral which is Cost Effective Alternative to Titanium Di Oxide.

  • Calcined Kaolin has vast applications in Paint, Rubber, Paper, Cable, Ink & Plastic Industries.
  • Calcined Kaolin is produced by high temperature calcination of Raw China Clay under controlled process conditions.
  • The Technology is developed In House by various players. The Technology is closely held by a three Major Players in India.